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Each of the worlds in the Imperial Wars universe is connected through ancient Star Gates to between 1 and 4 other worlds. These connections form a network of 352 worlds which fleets, formed around another ancient artifact, the interstellar engine can travel. The immense distance between worlds has been eliminated by travel on this pre-historical interstellar subway through the old Empire's Star Gate connections.

Here are some of Bruce Dean's Worlds that are on the other side of these Stargates...

NORMAL WORLDS - Many worlds have Population and Mines that can produce Raw Materials. In factories they produce Imperial Credits. Conquer them for fun and profit. Manage them well and use the Imperial Credits they produce to build up your fleets and worlds. Maybe you better build some fortresses to protect them!
HOMEWORLDS - Every Starlord starts with one of these. Here you are treated with the respect of your world's citizens. But be careful! Don't let some greedy Raider take it from from you. Only one to a customer...

IMPERIAL WORLDS - These automated factory worlds from the old Empire will sell to anyone with Imperial Credits. Here your fleets can be outfitted with powerful attributes available nowhere else. Now fleets can traverse the universe with awe-inspiring weapons and defense mechanisms not seen in the galaxy for millennia. Your technology isn't near powerful enough to capture one of these massive automated factory worlds so don't even try.

NOVAS - It's been a long time since anyone has been through these Star Gates. A world's star could have gone Nova during the thousands of years of the Interregnum. A Star Gate could open into a raging stellar furnace. Just one way to find out.

There is a weapon at an Imperial World that will let you create one of these out of the other worlds in the IWars universe That might interest a Terminator!

BLACK HOLES - Discontinuities in the Imperial Wars universe. Novas, in time, become Black Holes. Going into one is easy. But when and where do you come out? Is this your private tunnel halfway across the universe?
WORM HOLES - Worlds whose Stargates only go one way. Travelers may find themselves in far unknown reaches of the galaxy. So where do you want to go today?

Dead Worlds - Not every world in the universe has population and mines and factories. But, surprisingly even these rocks, gas giants or watery worlds have a value to an exploring Starlord.

The Characters
The WorldsThe FleetsThe ArtifactsThe History