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The Imperial Gems are game tokens. They have differing values, both positive and negative, for the Characters who own them. The Old Relics of the Empire have certain subtle powers in the universe but also have value to their owners. The Jewels of Power have powerful effects upon the fleets and worlds where they reside.

IMPERIAL RELICS - The ancient relics left scattered throughout the universe are valued for their beauty and the power they have over the minds of the denizens of the populated worlds. But only certain characters can gain value from certain artifacts depending upon their nature.
IMPERIAL GEMS - It is rumored that the 149 lost gems from the Imperial Crown Jewels were scattered through the Stargate of the ancient Throne of The Worlds by a mad Emperor, near the beginning of the Interregnum. Legend also has it that these gems were gifts to the Empire by the ancient baronies of the Worldsraad. Their heirs game subtle power from their possession.
THE JEWELS OF POWER - Of all the artifacts, the most powerful are those ancient jewels fabricated by the Mathmatists of the Mensa Theliot. Possessors of the jewels not only own these magnificent pieces of artistry far beyond the craft and skill of the current races but an awesome mystical force that can affect entire worlds.



The CharactersThe WorldsThe FleetsThe ArtifactsThe History