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1. . Imperial Wars is an Episodic Metagame. Players make simultaneous, unlimited moves in a far-ranging strategy game in an ancient Imperial Stellar Empire. The Metagame is the persistent communication environment that exists between the Starlords of each universe as they meet or introduced to each other during the game. In-game email, and other communication methods create immediate connection between players. Players can give game worlds and fleets to one another during each move. Each episode is created when all of the have submitted their moves or when a deadline is reached.

2. The Characters. The most unique and important feature of Imperial Wars is the Character Types, which players choose for each Universe they play in. These seven Character types are archetypal characters found in much science fiction. Each character plays for victory from an entirely different but not necessarily opposing, point of view. Characters need each others abilities to maximize their own and yet compete for the final prize. Starlords are neutral to one another by default but can declare each other Ally or Enemy to further define relationships.

3. The IWars Play Space. Each Imperial Wars Universe of 350 worlds of various economies contains, 16 homeworlds, 300 starfleet engines, several specialty worlds like black holes, wormholes, Novas, old Imperial Worlds and Rebel worlds. Scattered among these worlds and fleets are ancient artifacts; Imperial gems, Jewels of Power, and Imperial Relics of varying values to the Characters in the game.


1. Requesting a game: When you Request a game, your request goes into a realtime list that is constantly being monitored by the Imperial Wars gameserver for a mix of Character types that will assure a good balance for game play. When one of the combinations can be made, the gameserver selects these players out of the queue and creates a brand new unique Universe for them. Players are selected from the queue on a first come, first served basis and are notified by email of the formation of their Universe and given a 24 hour limit to enter their first moves. You can always view the queue from the Iwars main site or at or from the link on the Imperial Wars website.

1. Your "Universe Created" Notification. Once you have Requested A Game, check the email inbox you used when creating your account often for notification that gameplay is beginning. Since players may be playing from anywhere in the world, there is 24 hours allowed for each player's first move. As soon as all 16 Starlords have responded with their first turn, or when the 24 hours have passed, the gameserver will notify you of your second turn or warn you with a 'drop' notice if you fail to move.

2. What might seem like a slow start. The first few moves of Imperial Wars seem simple and submitting the moves and waiting for a response could mistakenly seen as anticlimactic. However, you are making critical decisions on setting up your early empire in a precious vacuum that only exists for a couple of short turns until you meet other Starlords. Be patient during these first moves. You will soon meet other players and then you may find that you will want to spend as much time as you can in your Imperial Wars Universe. It's likely that you will soon feel that up to 4 days between turns in not enough! If you haven't played before access the Quick-Start Two, always available from the world screens in-game, that will guide you in making your first few moves. This and more player aids including the Players Guide are available at downloads.

3. A different kind of gameplay . Imperial Wars won't appeal to players looking for adolescent murder fantasies and we want to discourage that expectation. The premise and dilemmas of IWars are created by the tension between necessary cooperation and competition between Starlords. Role-playing is created naturally as players must constantly negotiate with one another for diplomatic positioning. You will make friends and enemies all through the game, which may last up to three months. While there is plenty of conflict it may or may not lead to open combat between competing starfleets and worlds. True conflict, as represented in IWars has many shades of gray and you will experience them all in Imperial Wars. Combat is a serious diplomatic tool in Imperial Wars and experienced Starlords understand when it is appropriate and when it is too costly. The fun of long form, immersive games like IWars is that there is time for consequences and your fellow Starlords are with for the whole game so you will have to carefully consider your actions.

4. A different kind of game experience. There is no other game like Imperial Wars currently available that we know of. This game experience is unique and not for everyone. It requires a certain amount of literacy and communication, the motivation to explore and discover since free will is what drives the game forward and creates each unique story. There are no limitations to player moves nor any 'right' way to play. Players can play in any way they wish creating their own consequences from their actions as a natural part of the game. It is the responsibility of each player to wring as much fun out of these Universes as possible. You will be associated with the same 15 Starlords for a period of months and you will experience intense relationships during that time. Many players express a desire to write up the intense emotions and stories that are created in play and these appear in the Imperial Forums, either in specific Universes or in the Citizen forums.

5. What does it cost: Right now you can play for FREE !


1. DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE IMPERIAL WARS GAME CLIENT. (Currently the Game Client is unavailabe for use. Please check back for new game client or add your notification address HERE. )See the QUICK START ONE - Getting Started for step by step instructions on downloading and installing your game, opening your account and requesting a game. We recommend playing in a Free Sandbox game for a couple of moves to get a feeling for the gameplay mechanics before opening an Account and Registering. To play in the Sandbox you do not need an account. Sandbox instructions are also in included in QUICK START ONE. Note : Imperial Wars is a Windows application.

2. OPEN AN ACCOUNT & VERIFY YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. When you are ready to play in LIVE games, be sure you have opened up your Imperial Wars game client, and click on the OPEN ACCOUNT button directly from the login screen. The Screen Name you chose here is important as it is how you will be known in the IWars community. It is not necessarily or even likely the name you will use in individual games. Once you have completed the account information you will be asked to verify your email address, which is crucial so that we can notify you of game events. You will not be asked for any payment or credit card information. Registration and game play is currently free.

Log into your Game client and Request a Game from the game client login screen.

A. Choose a Character Type
B. Create a Player Name (or accept the suggested name).
Choose a potential ending score of between 15,000 and 20,000 (strategic reasons for each score are covered in character definitions).

Submitting your choices will enter you into the Universe Queue. Once enough players have signed up to start a Universe, a brand new, unique universe will be created specifically for you and your 15 new best friends! You can watch the QUEUE (available from the Imperial Wars main site) to see how many people are signing up to play in your Universe.