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Since the heart of the Imperial Wars game experience is the characters, then the players behind those characters supply that heart. There is no game where the community around the game, the persistent ongoing game community is where the meta-game of Imperial Wars is played and where the comradeship of Imperial Wars including the help and sharing of experience that seems to pervade this community is displayed.

The Imperial Forums are an integral part of the IWars experience. There are open forums for Starlords playing in games and for those who are just visiting and want to see what's going on with friends. Don't confuse these forums with many that are just gossip or meaningless. Here, Starlords are constantly offering views and telling the stories of their IWars experiences. This is the very best way to grasp the richness of the game environment.

You can find Fan Fiction on the Forums, which is one of the ways the more creative Starlords express themselves as well as game assessment and help here.

Each game universe that opens up also has its assigned forum so that players can communicate with all the Starlords in their universe. Here, many of the stories in each individual universe are being played out.

The IMPERIAL DISPATCH, our IWars Newsletters is another way to stay in touch with your community. Here is are the Newsletter Archives.