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Intelligent Life Games brings you a unique game experience that we call the "Episodic Metagame"Episodes are created when player Starlords respond simultaneously to game conditions with a series of commands within the game universe. Meta-gaming is the process of players interacting both in and outside of the designed game structure, using built-in communication tools like e-mail, instant messaging, wireless notification, universe-bound forums and other cutting edge communication applications or any other method that they jointly choose. To this end, ILG surrounds the designed game structure with a persistent, real-time game space where players can interact with one another to control their turn-based empires. All during the game, during the move, even during the few min tues while a turn takes place, players are in as much communication as they chose to be. A unique aspect of the design is how the game moves. As soon as all moves are submitted, the gameserver will resolve all of the positions, or if moves are not submitted within a specified time period, the gameserver will then resolve the positions as they stand.

This unique type of online game recreates the social experience of board and tabletop games, a style of game with appeal to general Internet users familiar with email as well as hardcore online game players. Because the games last a significant period of time, players become very familiar with one another and must deal with the consequences of their actions in this simulated galactic universe. Imperial Wars offers an immersive quality of as much intensity as that of one of the better known Massively Multi-player Games (MMPOGs) such as Worlds of Warcraft, Everquest, City of Heroes, Dark Age of Camelot or StarWars Galaxies but with an alternate and unique style of game mechanic.

Beginning the Game

The action starts immediately in Imperial Wars, no killing small creatures to advance up levels or manufacturing virtual clothing grinding out enough money and/or experience to buy a sword that will kill slightly larger creatures. Episode turns 1 and 2 of Imperial Wars episodes are played before players meet in their universe. This allows each Starlord to set up their small 4 to 10 stellar kingdoms before meeting their neighbors and for new players, it's a chance to get familiar with how to build ships and move fleets.

While immersive, Imperial Worlds is not destructive and fits comfortably into real life as players have breathing room while waiting for responses to communications, and allowing time to ponder their strategies and tactics. Players can schedule their playing time. The can keep it in the background on the desktop at work, play at odd moments in their schedule, or gather friends or family around when they can get together to join in making the moves and commands that become part of the next episode. Or just pick it up whenever you just feel like it. As long as you move before your deadline, you'll be in the game. For more about Imperial Wars go to About Imperial Wars.