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This short document will give you all the information you need to download and install your IWars game client, Register your Game Client and Screen Name and to Request your first game. We remind you to read the INVITATION. IWars is NOT for everyone and we do not want you to be disappointed.
This online document will help guide you in the first two moves in your new empire. You will have a Homeworld and 5 fleet engines. Before you meet any of the other Starlords in your universe you must explore the worlds near you and find any of the artifacts and other star fleets at your nearby worlds. These moves are simple and this document will help you make them and more complex moves are usually combinations of the basic simple moves you learn here.

CHARACTERS REFERENCE (this document is in Adobe Acrobat)
The real understanding of Imperial Wars is based on the Character Types available for you to choose from. You should read as much as you can about the characters before choosing one to play and then read again about each character as you meet them so that you will know how to work with them.

The Ten Most Common New Player Errors and other important references are at the IWars DOWNLOADS site. There is the Players Manual for much more in depth look at the Imperial Wars universe as well as some smaller documents that you might find helpful.

The Imperial Forums are an integral part of the IWars experience. There are open forums for Starlords playing in games and for those who are just visiting and want to see what's going on with friends. Don't confuse these forums with many that are just gossip or meaningless. Here, Starlords are constantly offering views and telling the stories of their IWars experiences. This is the very best way to grasp the richness of the game environment. There is a specific forum opened up for your universe as well as the open forums available to all Starlords.

You can find Fan Fiction on the Forums, which is one of the ways the more creative Starlords express themselves as well as game assessment and help here.

The IMPERIAL DISPATCH, our IWars Newsletters is another way to stay in touch with your community. Here is are the Newsletter Archives.

The Galactic Effectuators of the Imperial Wars communities are almost always around to lend a hand or to give help. While you may find that there is a lot of help from the Starlords themselves, sometimes you need the GE. You can email the GE at for help anytime you need it and we will make our response to you the very first priority.