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FLEET ENGINE - (represented by a Fleet symbol, shown at right) are the way that players move between the worlds of an Imperial Wars universe. Fleet engines alone have no value or mobility and their ownership can't be protected until they have ships attached to them. The combination of ship types added to the fleet give the fleet characteristics such as Fleet Strength, Shield Strength and how many Stargates it can pass through per turn.

SCOUTS - The Scout is the basic fleet component. It has almost no offensive or defensive strength but has many attributes such as range of movement and flexibility. Scouts can be Converted to Probes monitoring neighboring worlds, fortresses, missiles or Terminator robots. They even are converted into the ammunition of the dreaded Gravitonic Disruptor, the Planet Destroyer!

Scouts move up to 4 worlds per move, add only 1 to defense and 0 to offensive strength.

CRUISERS - Star Cruisers are the most common ship on all players' fleets with the exception of Traders who have Freighters instead. These ships are the best compromise between Cargo hauling capacity, defensive strength, offensive firepower and range of movement.

Cruisers move up to 3 worlds per move, add 2 to fleet defense and 2 to fleet defense. They can carry 1 raw material.

FREIGHTERS - The Freighter is the backbone of the Trader's fleets. Fully loaded Freighters have a great advantage in cargo carrying capacity but give up most offensive and defensive strength to do so.

The Trader's Freighters move similarly to the Cruiser but can carry 2 raw materials. When fully loaded, they are the most vulnerable ships on a fleet and add 0 firepower.

BATTLESTARS - BattleStars are the behemoths of the galaxy. They are slow, limited in range but powerful and have special attributes for certain players. They get the most offensive bang for the buck. They can operate as Mobile Factories for a Trader and are the required platform for the most feared weapon in Imperial Wars, the Terminator's Gravitonic Disruptor Projector. The Warlord's Battlestars travel as fast and as far as a Cruiser.

Only 2 worlds per move but they add 5 to offensive fleet strength and 5 to defensive fleet strength. Add 1 point offense and defense for Warlord BattleStars and 1 move world of movement.

The CharactersThe WorldsThe FleetsThe ArtifactsThe History