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Jessica Mulligan continued....

Intelligent Life Games is proud and excited to announce its formal association with 17 year online game veteran (& game junkie) JESSICA MULLIGAN. Ms. Mulligan has held top executive positions for several game companies involved in online starting with the original GEnie. She has since held key positions with AOL, Interplay, Origin, Electronic Arts, MM3D and others. In the course of her career she has been involved in the design, development and/or post-launch management of over fifty online games, including Asheron's Call 2, the original AD&D: NeverWinter Nights on AOL, Descent Online, Warcraft II Online: Engage Edition, and Ultima Online.

A prolific and respected writer on industry issues, Jessica is the author of the popular Biting the Hand columns on, now entering it's sixth year of publication, a co-author of the recent DFC Intelligence reports Online Games Market 2001 and 2002 and co-author of the Joint Strike Fighter Strategy Guide for Prima Books. Her recent book, co-authored with Bridgette Patrovsky, Developing Online Games: An Insider's Guide for New Riders Publishing has been in the Amazon top 500 books and reviewers have given it 5-stars! She is planning a follow-up in 2004 on Managing Online Games.

In 1998, Jessica was a plaintiff's expert witness in Kesmai's billion dollar anti-trust suit against America Online in the Virginia Federal District Court.

Jessica is a past president of The Themis Group, an online games consulting and customer relations outsourcing company. Jessica now servers as Executive Producer for Turbine Games on the Microsoft published Asheron's Call I and II and is scheduled for further responsibility there.

Ms. Mulligan accepted the post with ILG because she has an ongoing interest in helping young online companies bring fresh blood into the industry. She will advise Intelligent Life Games in their upcoming online launch and will represent the company in creating strategic relationships with other gaming companies.


Jessica's Posts on the Web Forums

IF YOU HAVE ENJOYED Jessica Mulligan's acerbic wit in her Biting the Hand column than you know that she is a gifted writer. Her posts in the forum are great fun so look for "Jessica" when you're browsing the threads.