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These comments are completely un-solicited and are just copied from various locations around the forums. We use Starlord Screen Names here because we encourage anonymity in the community. If you search the forums, you can find these Starlord's quotes along with a lot of other interesting things.

"...a fabulous game! I had a great time playing U6! ... But for me the best part of the game was in the friendships. I am still amazed that two players who never met or even talked could work hand in glove (robotic virtual reality glove) together for months. It really was that trust and cooperation that put both of us at the top of U6. It was great fun!"

- Rhialto

"I am curious how everyone is finding Imperial Wars. I think its great. I like the challenge, the intrigue, yes there is some if you are playing with starlords that have imagination, and the friendship.

I love to read and participate on the forums. I love the humor, the opinions, and the ideas. I learn much from everyone. This game is going to be big, and women are going to be a big part of it.

Winning?? What's that? I'm here because I really like the people I have met in the forums. I love the artwork I also wanted the challenge of mind play, unlike Everquest, which is what I was playing before.

From a general person who just wants to play a game, that doesn't consume ones whole life, (that) offers some strategy, fun, and socialization, I have found it."

- Playsprite

"MOO3 is a great game - IWARS is a community. The community lasts longer, and is my preferred choice."

"IWARS lets me write my own story."

- Python Rhishisikk

"The game IWars most resembles is easily Diplomacy. I'd compare the two as a hut and a mansion. Diplomacy is to hut as IWars is to mansion. They serve roughly the same function, but one has a lot more to offer."

- Athena Silverdance

"I think the game is fabulous! From what I can see, you've done a great job. This truly feels like a player versus player game. Rather than a player versus rules versus player game.

- Savaki

"I have found the community here to be more mature (and lets be honest here, maturity can be totally age-independent) and friendlier then any other Internet gaming community I have been to.

I have to say I have been very impressed with all the staff at imp wars. I hope developing this game will be as fun as play testing has been.

Role-playing in IWars -- an A+! I just wanted to post somewhere how wonderful the role-playing threads are that people have been posting to go along with their games. I have been SO impressed with the creativity, humor, and quality that have gone into them. Not only does it add a lot to the game but also has been quite entertaining for me to read even when not playing in the universe."

- Guppy

"We need a new top-level thread... Iwars addiction, and what to do about it. I spent 3 hours at work yesterday doing my moves. . ."

- Tojal

"I think I'm in love.... I have to say me and my buddies still reminisce about the old empire games we used to play on BBS. I've been waiting a long time for a game like this."

- Vagabond

"That's why I find the idea behind Imperial Wars as appealing as I do - it may end up taking a fair amount of time to play a full game of IWars, but that time is broken up into many smaller chunks."

- Paladin

"I agree that this game is easily going to be on a par with any of the other games out there. Although the game mechanics are fairly simple, the complexity introduced through the interaction of 16 human players, all with varying goals and needs, means each game played is vastly different from any other game played. Add to that the temptation to role-play your character, and you have the makings of a great game."

- Gray Vizzini

"I love those images. Very beautiful."

- Jim Digriz

"I've gotta say, I'm very impressed with IWars. You've managed to create a unique look and feel and a game mechanic that works!"

- Orkboi

"The Trader just seems to be the most fun of all of them; you have a chance to stick your nose into EVERYONE's business, and you can be a bit of a kingmaker, depending on who treats you the best."

- Dambalawedo

"Thanks, gracious 'lords. I feel quite comfortable in these surroundings. I have found the men, young and not so, of IWARS to be charming, fun and willing to help a fellow starlord in distress."

- Admiral Sweetie