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Birth of a Rebel
Meet Melissa Hooven

Birth of a rebel, how Melissa Hoven modeled to become our NPC rebel character


The Imperial Dispatch Newsletters

"Imperial Wars has exceeded my expectations. I knew when I read the design document that it had the 'simple complexity' that always results in a great game, with exceptionally high re-playability and fun. It is that and much more;"

- Aaron Cammarata
Designer, Tony Hawk, Pro Skater
Versions 1,2,3,& 4
IWars beta tester


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Hints for playing the TERMINATOR Character

Terminator HintsAs expansion of the Second Empire replaced the dark night of the Interregnum a mystery unfolded. What happened to the race or races of the Old Empire? To this day, no one can be exactly certain how such a powerful interstellar culture could have been so completely stamped out. But when the first explorers stumbled across a World of killer robots a clue to this enigma may have been uncovered. The Terminator Robots, as they have become commonly known, may be even older than the fallen Empire, their terrible conception lost in the impenetrable mists of time. Are they a leftover malevolent intelligence dedicated to the destruction of life, an ultimate weapon, built in desperation by some beings losing a war? Or, are they just: a machine intelligence that somehow made a wrong computation? Slipped a cog? Dropped a byte? No one knows and no one may ever know, but the Terminator's Prime Directive has been made abundantly clear - Destroy Intelligent Life. As long as the ultimate outcome of negotiating with living beings is eventual death Terminators can be bargained with. But eventually the Prime Directive must be followed...

- excerpt Encyclopaedia Galactica


Each Turn:

  • 1 point for each Robot, built and functioning per turn, including on worlds that are given away.
  • 2 points for each normal Population unit killed.
  • 35 points for each World Robotized
  • Each Robot world creates 2 extra Imperial Credits, deposited at Robot world.
  • 350 points plus Population killed points for each World destroyed by Gravitronic Disruptor
  • 1 Terminator Robot on a World with Population immediately kills 5 Population (rounded down)
  • 1 Terminator Robot equals 5 Population in converting Raw Materials to Imperial Credits
  • Robot Worlds do not Rebel and are not affected by Siege.



  • The Silicon Chip (Also Baron)
  • The Tram-x-Krang (Also Warlord)
  • The Philosopher's Stone (Also Philosopher)
  • The Book of the Dead Gods (Also Philosopher)

TERMINATOR ADVANTAGES: Besides the fact that Robot populations are not intimidated by siege nor will they rebel, they are the only mobile population in IWars. Terminators can buy and sell Robots on any world. Of course the biggest Terminator advantage is the use of the Gravitronic Disruptor. While anyone can use one, the Terminator gets great points and satisfaction in blowing up worlds.

TERMINATOR STRATEGIES:The Terminator is easily the most misunderstood character in the game. Other Starlords look at the Terminator character description and see only a mad robot. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, Terminators need to kill populations, even minions to get points but that’s not because you hate them. Robots can’t hate. Yes, you want to blow up worlds but that’s just the child in you and of course the big points. Starlords aren’t your enemy, Populations are!

Resources, resources, resources; you just can’t get enough of ‘em. You need lots of Imperial Credits to feed the need for ships, particularly scouts. You turn them into robots to attack worlds and into charges for your Gravitronic Disruptor ray, for missiles… Those needful scout ships are so important so you don’t want to waste them in battle if you can help it. This really makes you a pussycat, at least in the beginning of the game. Your robots are superior to human populations – they can’t be intimidated, a wandering Philosopher won’t convert them. They are altogether efficient, 1 of them working as hard as 5 human population. And they are nice and shiny with a million-mile warranty.

You have one really major problem besides, of course, the fear you seem to strike in people despite these truths. You badly need an Imperial World. In fact, your very future in the game demands it. Only here can you acquire the deadliest weapon of the old empire, the Gravitronic Disruptor. Attached to your fleets it can turn even the dirtiest, germ, fungus and human parasite infested planet into a lovely galactic firework, and make the big points for you.

Traders are very open-minded and will work with anybody, even robots bent on destroying living creatures. You desperately need anything that will maximize your production as quickly as possible. Find a Trader and put him to work. It would be good if he would be willing to give you fleets, quid pro quo, so that you can do a bit of robotizing in his empire. Traders are very likely to know where an Imperial World is.

Treat the Houri like any of the other characters, depending upon which the Houri is emulating. Of course, that is assuming that you know. You are not natively enemy or ally to this character but it is always wise to err on the side of discretion.

You have in common that too many people consider you outcasts. However you can make a very profitable relationship with a Raider. But don’t ever show weakness to a Raider. He has worlds that can be robotized while they are still being ravaged, won’t hurt them a bit for either of you and they’re not producing anything anyway. You have worlds without much value that you’re going to just blow up later anyway. Sounds like a deal made in hell, don’t it. Just imagine how other players would respond to a Raider-Terminator alliance at worlds where both your fleets show up…

Every Philosopher needs a Terminator to clean up after them. It’s all well and good to go around converting populations to minions because they work hard and even can produce the odd extra Imperial Credit for the world owner, however, they can be annoying when they actually take over a world for their leader. You can attack minions, get martyr points for the Philosopher, make the world owner happy, and change how people feel about you by performing a useful function.

You must convince the Baron that you are harmless, and you really can be. He has so many resources and you need them. Killing minions for him is an easy task that you are especially well suited for. In fact, your robotic worlds will work for him just as well as for you when you give them to him. Should he just let you robotize them for him, he will have wonderfully productive worlds that do not require protection from a siege by an enemy fleet. And he’s bound to have some crummy worlds that he can let you blow up. He sees a lot of worlds and may have an Imperial World in one of his neighborhoods.

This is your hardest challenge. Outside of some worlds that you could let this mercenary conquer you don’t have much to offer. On the other hand, you offer very little danger to the Warlord, so maybe he’d rather work with you rather than any of the others because you have no motivation to cross him. That in itself can be enough to make neighbors more than just acquaintances. But don’t show him weakness because he’ll roll right through your empire like corn through a goose.

TERMINATOR HINTS FROM THE GALACTIC EFFECTUATOR: The Terminator is one of the more interesting Character Types. He actually works well with all of the other Characters, especially the Philosopher, Warlord, and Trader. The Terminator is more interested in low or zero Population Worlds that can be easily robotized than highly Populated ones. Characters that do not need Population greatly can work well with the Terminator. He may prefer that a Raider Raid his Worlds which have high population until he has time to Build enough Robots to Attack the population. The Terminator should be happy to trade high production Worlds to a Baron in return for low population Worlds which he can Robot Attack, own, and later, destroy with a Gravitronic Disrupter. The Terminator is always faced with the tough choice of using the available Imperial Credits for Ships or for Robots or Gravitronic Disrupter Charges. He always has enough Production and Credits, his Robots work hard, but spending his resources is also the only way he can make points. Useless wars are especially uncomfortable for they waste valuable resources getting no points.

The Terminator must not be discouraged by the early low point totals. The end of the game is where the Terminator shines. Expansion and efficient production are very important early goals. Try to avoid conflict, intimidate as much as you want but when it comes down to it, find someone else to fight your battles. Be strong as you can at the beginning and get stronger. Produce fleets and get those factories and robots to work. Find that Imperial World and keep a few credits on all of your traveling fleets so you will be ready to buy your main instrument, the deadly Gravitronic Disruptor. Try to make friends with everybody, try to communicate with everybody so that you might hear a rumor of where one of those elusive worlds might be. Deal for trash worlds near the end of the game. If you play it right, instead of being offended, many people will want to just come and watch you blow up a world for the event it represents. On the other hand, at the end of the game is where you also can get revenge if it is needed. Bide your time, mechanical mind….

Fully robotized Worlds, Given to another Player will continue to produce Imperial Credits and the Terminator Robots left behind will work quite happily for the new owner. The Terminator continues to get points for these Robots unless they are destroyed.