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Imperial Wars to be released May 19, 2003.

Woodland Hills, Ca – April 28, 2003 – Intelligent Life Games ( announced today that Imperial Wars, a hybrid strategy - role-playing game, first of the Episodic Metagames promised by ILG and one of the fastest growing multiplayer game sites on the Internet, is poised to close beta testing and launch full game service on May 19th 2003, following the E3, Electronic Entertainment Exposition. Read More

Pre-launch special! Since IWars Universes that start after Monday, April 21, will not have time to finish, all players in a game that starts after April 21 and prior to launch on May 19, will be offered an entire Imperial Wars game, regardless of number of turns or months of completion for the single month cost of $10.95. This is at least 80% off from what would be the usual cost of a game that will last at least 3 months. Sign up for a free beta game now! Only one discounted game per account. You must be current in your beta game to qualify. As with all Charter Citizenships, all registration fees are free and all Screen Names are reserved for players registered prior to launch on May 19. Invitation.

Playing the Baron

The Weaver
aka Baron Leto Atreides

Watch out! Justinian is coming and he’s pillaging and absorbing everything in his path. Hide the women and children. Man the fortresses. Bring the battlestar fleets home. Abandon the outer satellite worlds. Create a strong line of defense. He musn’t get to our homeworld. He mustn’t see where we keep the artifacts. The Raider behind him nipping at his heels, avoiding the biggest fleets. Where is that warlord when we need him? Tell the trader to dump his cargo and turn his freighters into cruisers. Justinian is coming…
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Larry Dunlap "Future of Persistent Worlds" panelist at E3
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Larry Dunlap At Mud-Dev;
At the Game Developer's Conference in San Jose in March.
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Player Stories    

To be a Starlord
By Playsprite

I came here alone, looking for a new life. I had heard of Unisix, as a child the stories were told throughout my father's realm. Nobles would come and go, but always the talk was of The Great Game, they questioned the realities of the game. Many did not believe Uni-six existed, I always hoped it did.
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The Stargate    

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The IWars
Artifacts Shop

IWars Artifacts, opens on Monday, March 21. This online store features character posters, mugs and glasses, shirts and other miscellaneous items. Drop by for a look at IWars Artifacts Shop.




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