Top News from around the Universe
April, Issue
No. 4 Vol 1, No. 4

By Playsprite

I came here alone, looking for a new life. I had heard of Unisix, as a child the stories were told throughout my father's realm. Nobles would come and go, but always the talk was of The Great Game, they questioned the realities of the game. Many did not believe Uni-six existed, I always hoped it did.

As a child I didn't understand what the game really was just a space tale to entertain and amuse. As I grew up I dreamed of playing in The Game, looking for clues to prove it was real. As an adult I found out it was real, I found the way there and The Game became a necessity. If I dared...if I took the chance and left my father's lands, if I left home and did not marry the man he had chosen and in doing so never looked back. Because it is my one chance to become greater than him. My father, the man who owns everything and everyone. But not me, not yet, I still have a chance to succeed.

Formally it is called the Imperial Game of Starlords. The game is run by the Imperial Lords of the Past in a universe controlled by them and the history, people, relics, and technology of Uni-six. No one is allowed to leave the universe once the game begins, unless of course you do not want to be seen again. Only those who are chosen are allowed to enter the universe.

I put my name into the drawing. I was scared, nervous, and full of defiance. There are sixteen starlords chosen. Each one is given an empire to start with. I was chosen,I Ka' leisia was given an empire of Trade. It is what I requested. I know a little of how trade works. I ran my fathers lands, dealt with the traders and merchants daily. I thought it would offer me the greatest chance of success.

I was so excited to be a Starlord. Wealth, Power, Intrigue, they were all at my fingertips. So far it has been all I imagined and more. I am a Starlord now, I have wealth, some power and more intrigue than I know what to do with. I have met others, all with dreams and aspirations, some good, some evil.

There is the Raider, Captain Roberts of the Dread Pirates. He became my ally immediately. He has taken me under his wing and taught me some of the more subtle nuances of the Great Game. He is both fun loving and fierce. An ally to protect and serve, a pirate to fear and be in awe of.

My competitor Uthor is a gentle and kind man, serving all, trying to betray none. For he, like me, makes his living from inside the empires of other Starlords. We had found a way to help one another for awhile, but then it became dangerous for us both. We have had to change our relationship. I miss him.

The other Raider is run by Galactic Mergers and Acquisitions, a holding company. Mr. Kevin Trevas is at the helm. He is somewhat distant and hard to read. He frequently rants about the shenanigans of Capt. Roberts and the boys. Yet he seems to have a good heart. He broadcasts a trade paper letting us all know of the injustices perpetrated by others, especially if the injustices are against Uthor or the Terminator Vivesector.

Vivesector, our friendly neighborhood Terminator. Turning small populations of lackluster workers into productive robots, willing to work five times harder than the population ever could. Somehow someone mistreated him, now he is preparing for war. I fear I am in his path of destruction. Meradron, is the other Terminator in the group. He is quiet, methodical, and ambitious. These terminators are of the opinion that fleshy beings can be of use for a little while, but then must be replaced with pure circuitry. Us of the flesh must find a way to get along or I fear we will be terminated.

The first Philosopher I met was Okrboi, he wanted to spread The Method throughout my lands. I thought it a good idea. So far his followers are happy and working well for my factories and mines. I am now hearing of another... The all Seeing Eye lead by Thadious Neville, he has been arming his fleets with Gravitonic Disruptors. A world near him has disappeared, one turn it was there the next it wasn't, now its a nova. He proclaims peace and love to all those who turn to the All Seeing Eye. I wonder what he proclaims for those who don't see things with his perspective.

There is a shifter in our midst. a Houri. I will not name the person as I am not sure all know who the shifter is. I still do not understand this creature, I have not dealt with it yet. I wonder what kind of impact it would have on me should it choose to name me its client.

The Barons of the universe are an industrious group. They have taken worlds that were unproductive and made them habitable for the populous of Uni-six. One of the Barons was negligent in his duties of maintaining his worlds. It is my understanding that a group of Starlords decided to take over his homeworld,and he became so distraught he jumped off of the balcony. The eldest son has inherited Barony of Fortitude and now plans to avenge his fathers death and regain his homeworld.

And let us not forget the Warriors of Day. They recently lost their "Big Slam" (he's the leader of the group). No one knows just how that happened. So they went out to a world and captured themselves a new Big Slam. His name is Preston Gelding Mc Fadden XII. He finds himself in the position of knowing none of the Starlords, needing allies and credits, and at the same time he is having to control the Slammers. They of course just want to Slam. make war on any world they come across. Not that they will harm anyone or the property. It is more like a game to them. They take turns betting who can capture a world and give it away the most times. Weird really, they just like the bragging rights that come with saying Yeah I slam.. captured that world..slam.. 4 times already..slam. So if you see 'em coming don't be too alarmed if you are nice they will probably give you the world right back. But if you aren't. well they will capture your world anyway and then give it to someone else. Probably a Baron or a Raider.

We are now at our 14th Turnin' who knows how this will all end. If I win as the top Starlord, my father will have no power over me ever again. If I lose well I know where the nearest wormhole is. So for now I keep my head high, my spirits up - .the Taigan whiskey I brought from home helps. Still the questions run through my head..

Who is my true ally? What did that comment mean? Is the rumor true? I read the papers of Uni-six often. Sometimes I find out things here I didn't know. Other times I put my foot in my mouth.

Its drama in high space and I love it.

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