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Imperial Wars to be released May 19, 2003

Woodland Hills, Ca – April 21, 2003 – Intelligent Life Games ( announced today that Imperial Wars, a hybrid strategy - role-playing game, first of the Episodic Metagames promised by ILG and one of the fastest growing multiplayer game sites on the Internet, is poised to close beta testing and launch full game service on May 19th 2003, following the E3, Electronic Entertainment Exposition.

"Imperial Wars offers a blend of online science fiction strategy with a very interesting and new role-playing character element from all those archetypal science fiction stellar empires we have known and loved, said Larry Dunlap, one of the founders and Creative Director of Intelligent Life Games. “Players of past classics like Diplomacy, Civilization, Masters of Orion, Tradewars and VGA Planets will find a home in this unique online game community along with those who loved the galactic empires in sci-fi books from writers like Frank Herbert, Isaac Asimov, Gregory Benford, CJ Cherryh and Jack Vance.

We are hoping to tap into an under-serviced market in online gaming, those people who need a “lifestyle” game. IWars is immersive and deep and still lets people have, friends, families and other activities. Imperial Wars is a persistent player environment with in-game email, instant messengers and forums wrapped around a turn-based game mechanic. IWars gives players a game experience rich in detail and depth without demanding every waking moment of their lives to play. We are becoming the online game of choice for people who don’t have complete control their schedule but still want to experience those wonderfully complex game environments playing with their friends, old and new.

“IWars is meant to appeal to those players who realize that the delayed gratification, anticipation and suspense of turn-based movement combined with the immediacy of a persistent player environment generally leads to a much more intense player satisfaction. The game environment in IWars leads to a delicious tension between competition and cooperation between Starlords in each of their universes. Games are an integral part of the human experience and there are a lot of people who want real game-play as well as eye-candy and technical gee-whiz. These are the people we want to please, not the adolescent fantasy murderer.”

Imperial Wars has recently appeared in PC Gamer Magazine,,,, and several other major online media sites. “Imperial Wars is one of those rare titles that is imaginative and groundbreaking while still remembering its roots and I think the media has recognized this and been very open to us”. Thanks to media coverage, the Imperial Wars player base has tripled since January of 2003.

Imperial Wars is being developed by Intelligent Life Games and is set to be self-published via the Intelligent Life Games “Affiliate” and “Associate” Programs. “As an Episodic Metagame we are different enough from the massively multiplayer games that we must find new sources for players. We feel that self-publishing is the best option available to us right now. It gives us flexibility to be creative and responsive to our customers as we continue to learn from them more and more about how to best deliver this new style of game model”, said Larry Dunlap.

Imperial Wars will available for download from Intelligent Life Games or one of our affiliates, with a subscription price of $10.95 US Dollars per month. During the four weeks prior to the launch of IWars there will be special offers available at the website to early players and a launch special that will be announced on May 19, the day of the launch.

About Intelligent Life Games

Intelligent Life Games was formed to develop a special niche of games to reach an under-served audience of online game players who want a deep and immersive game experience without the time demands common to most MMOGs. Their philosophy is to create Internet-friendly games that use embedded and familiar Internet tools within a rich game environment to bring a new generation of strategical diplomacy games. IWars is their first game but the company has very experienced artists, programmers and developers and game executives working on this game and planned variations of the IWars theme. There are also plans for other games using the IWars engine with new and inventive themes. Among the advisors to the company are Jessica Mulligan, well known and respected online game business executive, journalist and author and Arthur Schimmel, former Senior Vice President of ABC Television.

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