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April, Issue
No. 4 Vol 1, No. 4


At the GDC (Game Developer's Conference) in San Jose in March, our Larry Dunlap one of ILG's founders and the author of Imperial Wars was invited to the MUD-Dev conference to explain the differences between an Episodic Metagame and the Massively Multiplayer Game. The MUD-Dev is actually a newsletter produced by JT Lawrence, who hosted this parallel conference during GDC, whose members include all of the designers, developers, artists and writers who are involved with the online game industry. As the seminal MUDs (Multi-User Dungeon) were morphed into the 3D graphical persistent worlds we know now, almost all of the top online game builders still have their roots in this world and attended the MUD-Dev dinner the night before and the day's activities that followed.

Larry's Powerpoint presentation is viewable at . To make the presentation play, look for the Powerpoint Play icon as shown above, and left click it with your mouse.

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