Issue No. 1
Vol. 1, No. 1

Editor: Colin Murcray
Art: Bruce Dean
Layout: Janene Sikkink



Issue 1 - Vol. 1 No. 1

> Lead Article - Episodic Persistent Metagame (defined... sort of)
> U101 - Lessons from U101: Interview with
Colin Murcray
> New World Symbol explained
> Character Art Unveiled - Female Warlord

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Hot Topics in the Forums
When a game comes to an end, are you disappointed? Does the time you invested obtaining victory seem a waste after the payoff? What would you like to see when victory is achieved?

Join the discussion:
The Imperial Forums > Games & other influences on Imperial Wars > Strategy Games > What you'd like to see at Game's End




View more character art in the forums.


What is an Episodic Persistent Metagame? Intelligent Life Games brings you a unique game experience that we call the Episodic Persistent Metagame (EPM). Episodes are created when players respond simultaneously to game conditions with a series of moves within the game universe. Game Persistence refers to the real-time game space where players compete to control their turn-based empires. Meta-gaming is the process of players interacting outside the written game structure, using built-in communication tools like e-mail, instant messaging, wireless notification and other cutting edge communication applications.


A monthly update of news from Intelligent Life Games at your fingertips, but what to call it? Submit your ideas for our name the newsletter poll to:


in the IRC Imperial Senate

Starting Thursday, September 26, we will begin a series of one-hour chats on the IRC, Internet Relay Chat, where you can meet the IWars team and the team can have the honor of meeting you. The start time will be at 7 PM EST/4 PM PST. These chats will be for all Charter Citizens and guests to the IWars website and forums. We hope you’ll join us.

You can connect directly to the Imperial Senate chat room or get the information on how to connect your own chat client by clicking on this link or going to

This week’s chat: Behind the scenes – Imperial Wars Art Design, with Bruce Dean, Artistic Design and Lead Artist. How art affects the game.



This month, Colin Murcray discusses what it was like to play a trader in the first Beta test of Imperial Wars, and provides some tips for future players.


One of the main differences between the new beta client and the test client is the attention in providing more and better player information. The development team originally wanted to be careful of putting too much detail on the screen but the testers made it clear that they wanted to see more information and in a way that would be useful to them. One of the ways the design has been improved is byadding information to the world symbol at each world in the universe.


This channel is open 24x7 for your IWARS use. However, we have weekly chats planned too.

Planned upcoming chats are:
Thursday, October 3, - Behind the scenes – Imperial Wars Game Design, with Larry Dunlap, author and Creative Director. Designing the Episodic Metagame.

Thursday, October 10, - Behind the scenes – Imperial Wars Programming, with Mike Kienenberger, Lead Programmer (and awesome Warlord) and Mike Fawcett, Lead Client Programmer. Programming a unique online game.

Thursday, October 24, Nick Palmer will be our guest at for a "Behind the Game (music) - Come and meet Nick Palmer,
composer of the Imperial Wars themes.

Future chats will feature Nick Palmer, composer on the music behind the game and the Community staff on how we can improve out community for you.


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