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Terminator Home World shown to right; Montage of characters shown below- art by Bruce Dean

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Once a simple construction for showing the name and number of a world the world symbol is now the prime source for world information easily accessible at a glance. Below is a representation of the new world symbol. The side panels of each of the text boxes light up and the icons animate as the mouse passes over each of them.

There are four text boxes, though the World Name and Conditions text box seem to be the same.

World Owner box. The top text box shows the World owner, or if it is Unowned, or one of the several kinds of world types that can’t be owned, such as novas, black holes, wormholes, etc. Clicking on this text box will show you the player’s personal screen or help about the kind of specialty world you are viewing. The background color of this box will also be a clue to your diplomatic relationship with this player.

World Name box. The next text box shows the worlds name and the ancient Imperial world number) When your mouse is over this box, a popup window will provide the key world economic statistics. Clicking on the world name will open the Planet screen where the world commands can be entered.

World Conditions box. Directly below the world’s name is the conditions box, and here animations will show when the world has been Raided or Ravaged.

Ownership Change box. The bottom box will display the last ownership change of this world and how that change was effected. To the right, you will be able to determine whether this was the latest view of the world or an older view, and if so, just how old.
There are seven icons on the world symbol, going clockwise from the upper left:

  1. The Ambush/Capture shield. The world owner can toggle this icon to set this world to try and capture fleets in its orbit or to ambush fleets flying through its Stargate.

  2. The Obelisk icon. When this icon appears, one of the ancient Imperial relics is on this world. Mousing over the icon will display the artifact and its value.

  3. The Gems icon. When this icon appears, one of the ancient Imperial gems is on this world and mousing over the icon will display the gem and its place in your gem collection.

  4. The Jewel icon. When this icon appears, one of the Jewels of Power is present at this world and mousing over it will display the Jewel and what its particular power is.

  5. The Minion icon. When a player that can convert some or all of the population at this world to minions, the minion icon will appear next to the world owner’s name. Mouseover reveals the Minion owner or owner’s names and the number of minions present on the world.

  6. The Fortress icon. Worlds are defended by fortresses and when they are present on a world this icon will be displayed. On mouseover, you will see the defenses of the world.

  7. The Probe icon. If this world has been probed this icon will appear. Mousing over it will cause the eye to appear and a report on which direction the probe arrived from.

In future newsletters, we’ll cover more of the features of Imperial Wars. Next edition, the fleet symbol and how it is displayed throughout your star empire.

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