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This unique type of online game recreates the social experience of board and tabletop games, a style of game with appeal to general Internet users in addition to hardcore online game players. Because the games last over a significant period of time, players become very familiar with one another and must deal with the consequences of their actions in this simulated universe. Imperial Wars is an EPM and offers the same immersive and addictive qualities of the highly successful Massively Multi-player Games (MMPOGs) such as Everquest, Ultima Online, Asheron's Call, Dark Age of Camelot and the upcoming StarWars Galaxies and Sims Online but with an entirely different game mechanic.

The action starts immediately in Imperial Wars. You begin by immediately exploring the space around your homeworld. Episode 1 and 2 of Imperial Wars episodes are played offline. This allows you to be certain that you want to play before committing to entering an Imperial Wars universe. These first two episodic turns let's new player's, whether they have ever played a computer game or not, see how the game plays in a safe environment, yet without wasting time playing an offline, meaningless tutorial. It lets players hone their strategies and become familiar with the move structure and lets veteran players quickly position themselves for the first player interactions. Episode 3 begins the registration and matching process of placing a player into an Imperial Wars universe. Immediately jump into the action with fleets of Starships and a panoply of worlds.

While immersive, Imperial Worlds allows you to have a life in the real world. Schedule your own playing time. Keep it in the background on the desktop at work, play at odd moments in your schedule, or gather friends or family around when they can get together to join in making the moves that become your part of the next episode. Or just pick it up whenever you just feel like it. By Persistent, we mean that you keep the game going inbetween turns by your interaction with other players. This interaction can happen whenever you have time to check and answer e-mail, or respond to an instant message, but it is the most vital part of this game, as this is where the real strategy occurs.

Episodic Persistent Metagames provide the flexibility of play-by-mail (PBM) games with the real time strategy and interaction of Role-playing. For people who have never done PBM, the game will likely fit their natural rhythm since this game is built specifically for the Internet and uses it exactly the way people tend to use the Internet. It is not really an adaptation of a PBM game concept, it is a unique game concept, built to fit the technology that just happens to seem like PBM. It is to PBM what an email is to a letter. The anticipation and suspense (two highly important game emotions that have been left out of most current games) is in waiting for the results, but not in making the moves. It may seem subtle but its affect on game play is immense. It truly is a unique and addicting game experience.

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