The following few pages will help you get a quick start into your first move in Imperial Wars. The three important goals you must complete are:

  1. Buy ships for your first fleets
  2. Fly them to the unexplored worlds connected to your Homeworld’s Stargate
  3. Save or Submit your First move orders.

Buying Ships for Fleets

Fleet Engines cannot do anything, not even protect themselves without ships on them. One of the most important things to do is to claim every fleet engine that you find by putting ships on it so that they have value and capabilities as well as to defend their ownership for you. This is just as true of the first group of fleets that you have found at your homeworld as fleet engines that you will find at worlds you explore.

The Fleet Screen

Right click on one of the Fleet Engines in the Fleet stack on your Homeworld screen. Each Fleet screen contains details about the fleet it represents and is the “control panel” for commanding an individual fleet. Be certain that you have opened the fleet screen that you meant to by checking the Fleet number in the tab at the top of the screen. You can move from fleet to fleet by clicking on the tabs.

Mousing over each of the icons and buttons in this screen displays how to to display the transaction screens for giving commands to your fleet.

In the center section of the screen are icons for the three ship types – Scouts, Cruisers, and BattleStars. Everybody has the same type of ships to work with except Traders who have Freighters in place of Cruisers. See the Player’s Manual, available at IWars Downloads for more about Ships.

Along the bottom of the screen are icons for things that the fleet can carry, such as Imperial Credits, Raw Materials, and artifacts found in the game. Along the right side of the screen are fleet attributes that can be purchased from special worlds later in the game. Many commands and attributes have uses later in the game rather than right now. The goal now is short and simple; we just want to man our fleets and send them off to capture worlds both for the safety of our Homeworld and the gathering of valuable game objects and territory.


Buying Ships – The Buy/Sell Ships transaction screen

Left clicking on the large Fleet icon in the center of the Fleet screen will call the BUY/SELL SHIPS Transaction Screen. Here you can use Imperial Credits from the world below to outfit your fleets. Note, you must own the world below or be declared an Ally by the world owner to purchase at a world. Since you own this world, there will be not difficulty in Buying here.

The number of factories at a world that has factories, determines the number of Imperial Credits that you can use at any world where you Buy ships. At your homeworld you begin with 45 Credits and 45 Factories. Numbers for both the amount of Credits that this world has, and below it the number of factories here, are displayed beneath the Imperial Credits graphic. As you buy ships, these numbers are reduced. As you sell ships, only the number of Imperial Credits is increased.




Scout ships are very flexible, relatively inexpensive and allow fleets to move the furthest, though they have no offensive strength. Perfect for exploration. In our example, we purchase 5 scouts by clicking 5 times on the lit gold arrow that is pointing towards Scouts. For this example we have also chosen a buy a Cruiser for this fleet because it has the ability to carry cargo, i.e. Raw Materials and we may find Raw Materials we wish to bring back to our homeworld. Clicking on the lit gold arrow pointing at Cruisers will purchase a Cruiser.

Once you have completed the ship purchases for this fleet, click OK to complete the transaction and close the Fleet Screen. The Orders Text Area in the World screen has been updated to show these two purchases.



Now that you have purchased ships for one of the fleets, that fleet is powered and can fly through the Stargate to a world that is connected to it. Click on the Stargate icon in the Fleet screen to open the Flight Plan Window.

Note: You can also Click and drag on the fleet that you want to fly and drag the fleet icon down onto the Stargate, releasing the mouse button over the Stargate.

The Flight Window

The Flight Plan screen will guide you as to where you can move your fleet. The world indicated by the rotating cursor in the center of the screen is where your fleet is currently. Of course, this is your homeworld at this point in the game.

Worlds with Question Marks on them are worlds connected by a Stargate but that you have not yet explored. Since you cannot move past a world that you cannot see, your Fleets can only move one world at a time on this first move. By moving 3 of our 5 fleets, at least, we will be able to move a fleet to each of these unexplored worlds. In this example we have chosen to move this fleet to the world to the West of the homeworld by clicking on the unexplored world to the left. This action leaves our destination world under the rotating cursor in the Flight Plan Window. We could have continued clicking onto one of the Unexplored worlds. Clicking on “Close Flight Plan window” will complete our Fly move.

You can see that your command to move your fleet through the Stargate has been registered in the Orders Text Area of the world screen.




Complete your Buying and Flying Orders

If you want to stay in synch with Quick Start - Move 2, then continue to purchase 5 Scouts and 1 Cruiser for two of the remaining four fleets and then to Fly them to the other two unexplored worlds connected to your homeworld by dragging them to the Stargate. This is not a game requirement but may make the explanation a little clearer.



Before going to the War Room to Save our move, let’s take a short detour to the other important screen at each of your worlds, the Planet screen. To access the Planet screen, place your mouse cursor over the World Name in the World Symbol in the upper left of the World screen. As before, the popup window displays quick information about your homeworld. Right-clicking here, on the world’s name, will take us to the Planet screen.

Understanding World Economies

The economy of the worlds in your universe is kept simple on purpose. The controls are really the number of worlds, not each individual world and there is no need to get bogged down in the process.

One POPULATION + one FACTORY + one RAW MATERIAL STOCKPILED = one Imperial Credit created automatically each turn.


The Economic Dilemma

Looking at your homeworld’s Planet screen, below, you can see the dilemma faced by all the Starlords in your universe.  You each have 45 FACTORIES, plenty of POPULATION (Terminators will have Robots instead of Population of course, each equal to 6 regular population) but there are only 3 MINES. These 3 Mines can stockpile only 3 Raw Materials each turn at this world. So this highly industrialized world will only produce 3 Imperial Credits next turn. The inadequate supply of stockpiled Raw Materials here at your homeworld means that 42 of your factories will stand idle each turn until you get them more Raw Materials to stockpile.

Your first challenge is to Explore, but after a few turns your second goal is to find ways to maximize the production of your worlds as efficiently as you can. This will be a higher priority for some character types than others. There are a number of solutions that you can apply to this problem. You could start using fleets of cruisers to carry Raw Materials back from other worlds, or perhaps make a deal with a Trader (who has freighters, twice as efficient at carrying cargo) to carry Raw Materials for you, or maybe building more mines where needed.  … and others that you will likely discover.

Clicking on the buttons and icons on this screen will allow you to give commands to your worlds that will be added to your Order Text area. Since there are not really any necessary world commands to make this early in the game, close this screen by clicking OK or Cancel,




We have populated and moved fleets to all the Un-explored worlds. Once we have Saved our move, the first move objectives are complete. At any point in the game it is wise to Save your current commands. The Save and Submit buttons are found in the War Room. Use the mouse Right Click on any screen to open the short-cut menu and Go to the War Room, command center for your empire.





Right clicking anywhere on most screens displays the short-cut menu. From here, choose the War Room screen.
The War Room is the persistent part of Imperial Wars where you can interact with other players in the game as you meet them, regardless of where you are in the Turn/Move process. The Controller at the bottom of the War Room you can access Players You Have Met List, you in-game, E-mail, Instant Messenger (not implemented yet) and other information as noted below. From the Player List you can Declare Diplomatic Relationships and Introduce Starlords and Gifts, and other actions that you can take between players. At this stage of the game, of course, you have met no one so there is not a lot to do here though exploring all parts of the game is encouraged and recommended. The State of the Empire report will show you Yours and other’s scores, throughout the game, 






Click on the SAVE/SUBMIT button to Save your current position when you feel that you might need to come back to the game to change something or to give further orders. This will Save your current orders on the ILG servers in an editable form so that you can change them later. If you fail to Submit your move later, your Saved move commands will be used in your turn. It also lets you close Imperial Wars so that you can make your move in increments. As the game progresses, some actions will be obvious as you see your current turn. Others require meeting with an ally or finding another piece of information before proceeding. It is not unlikely that you may want to leave Imperial Wars minimized on your screen, in the background ready to popup whenever you have a free minute to contemplate your current galactic position. For all of these reasons and more it is wise to Save your current commands.

When you feel that you have made all your commands and are ready to finish your move, click on the SAVE/SUBMIT button and choose Submit. This signals the ILG servers that you have completed game play for this turn and are ready to receive the results of your move. You can still edit your move as needed but as soon as all your fellow Starlords submit their moves, or the turn deadline passes, whichever comes first, the server Turns the Universe. Note that the game will move as fast as the Starlords Submit their moves or the deadline, whichever comes first. You will be notified by email (and by such other methods that you have chosen) when the Turn takes place and when your next move must be completed. When you login next time, the results of these commands will be displayed.

Click here for MAKING YOUR SECOND MOVE which follows or return to the Quick Start Two main page. For more in-depth information, refer to the Player’s Manual in the Downloads section of the website at We particularly recommend the 10 Most Common Errors and the Contention Notes for quick reading.